Week 2 Finalist Announced!

Congratulations to Mark from the Philippines!


Mark’s postcard was chosen from over 3,200 entries because the judges were impressed by his noble future ambitions and creative imagery. Mark will join Week 1 Finalist Abby on a two-week study tour of Australia this December.

 Check out Mark’s postcard and create your own here!


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First Competition Finalist Announced!

The Future Unlimited campaign announced its first finalist this week…

Congratulations to Abigail from the USA!


Abigail studies environmental science and marine science at University of South Carolina. As a finalist, she will travel to Australia for a two-week study tour in December and have a chance at winning the grand prize: a free year of study in Australia.

Enter the competition now and join Abigail on her adventure Down Under!

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Ambassador Beazley Announces Win Your Future Unlimited Competition

The Australian Ambassador to the US wants YOU to win a free year of study Down Under! Enter here and win your future unlimited!

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October 8, 2013 · 2:24 PM

Nothing Beats a Free Year of Study in Australia!

Nothing Beats a Free Year of Study in Australia!

The first week of the Win Your Future Unlimited competition is coming to a close. Today, we bring you a featured alumni postcard from Jillian. Jillian studied abroad at University of Sydney in 2011 and had the best time of her life. Enter the competition now and have the best time of your life! Nothing beats a free year of study in Australia!

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October 4, 2013 · 10:00 AM

Anne is one step closer to a free year of study in Australia!

Anne is one step closer to a free year of study in Australia!

Anne from the USA has entered to win a free year of study in Australia… and you can too! Create your postcard here and enter now!

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October 2, 2013 · 2:08 PM


Dreaming of studying in Australia? Now may be your chance!  Enter our Win your Future Unlimited competition and you could win a year of study in Australia, including flights, tuition, accommodation, a stipend, and much more.


As if the grand prize isn’t enticing enough, the seven finalists will be flown to Australia for a two week study tour in December 2013, traveling to universities from coast to coast!

The competition, run by the Australian Government, is open from 1 October to 18 November 2013. The major prize winner will be announced on 17 December 2013 and will take up their prize in 2014.

Intrigued? It’s easy to enter!

Simply visit the competition website and create a digital postcard by:

  1. Uploading a photo
  2. Adding illustrations
  3. Writing 50 words or less describing your future aspirations and how an Australian education would help you achieve them
  4. Answering some basic questions and then reviewing and submitting the postcard


  • Major prize winner: one year of tertiary tuition in Australia, one year of student accommodation, a stipend of $15,000, Overseas Student Health Cover, return economy flights to Australia, an internship, a package of telecommunications products and credit and more.
  • Weekly finalists: Seven weekly finalists win a two week study tour to Australia in December 2013.

Who can enter? The competition is open to prospective international students aged between 18 and 30 who meet the terms and conditions of the campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Create your postcard today and make your dreams of studying Down Under a reality!

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100 Metres Under the Sea

Ever wonder what lives 100 metres below sea level? Off of the coast of Western Victoria, Deakin University is trying to find out. Scientists from Deakin, along with help from Parks Victoria, placed cameras on the sea floor in order to better understand which fish live where, how they interact with one another, how many there are, and what the nature of their habitat is. Check out the short video they put together here:

Australia is home to some of the most unique marine life in the entire world – up to 90 per cent of species found in Australian waters cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Furthermore, the Australian Government is working on a proposal that will protect these species by creating marine life reserves. However, amid rumours that the Great Barrier Reef will all but disappear in our lifetime, there has been no better time to study in Australia and check out this amazing marine life for yourself.

If you choose to study at the University of Queensland, you will be able to take advantage of the Heron Island Research Station, located right on the Great Barrier Reef. Classes take fieldtrips to this location so students can better learn about the many creatures living on the reef from the marine biologists who know them best. Ever dreamed of learning to scuba dive? There’s plenty of that too!

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