The Common Cold: Cured by Australians?

We’re here in Melbourne, Australia. Ground zero for what might be the biggest medical breakthrough since the HPV vaccine: The cure for the Common Cold?! The Common Cold is a virus that always seems to pop up right before a vacation. It may not be a scourge but it produces over 40% of lost worktime in the USA. That’s 126 million workdays gone!

Biota, an Australian pharmaceutical company better known for Relenza, has found a breakthrough in treating the rhinovirus (Common Cold). With their drug in stage two of clinical studies, they found that the severity of cold symptoms dramatically decreased. An oral drug is estimated to be five years down the line.

In a perfect world, this means no more sniffling and aching. Fewer sick days. Since this treats asthma infections, that means you don’t have to be the sickly kid that can’t play kickball anymore. Between 75 and 100 million doctor visits every year could be saved annually. Entire nations could balance their healthcare budgets!

No longer cute and cuddly if Aussie researchers have their way

In an alternative world, this may not work. One thoughtful commenter argues that this drug may “turn us all into zombies.” Zombies are scary enough as it is. Zombie kangaroos? Even scarier.

You better start shorting those stocks in tissues and start investing in this Australian pharmaceutical firm. Better yet, get the chance to work for them by studying medicine there!


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