Who Studied Abroad in Australia?

Mamoru Mohri - The first Japanese person in space

Mamoru Mohri:
When you think Japan what do you think? Technology. That quick association bodes well for the first Japanese astronaut. Mamoru completed a doctorate in chemistry at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. After his studies in Adelaide, he studied nuclear engineering in Japan. In 2006, he was chosen as an Honorary Member of the Order of Australia. Mamoru found himself in Australia.  He described the Australian community as creating a “humane lifestyle that embraced differences in people, cultures, and ideas as opportunities to learn”. He learned at Flinders that he could “not just survive, but thrive, and developed into a more complete person”. He even attributes studying in Australia to reigniting his childhood dream to become an astronaut.

"I must break you."

Dolph Lundgren:
Many say the greatest movie ever made is Rocky IV. The real star of the movie was Dolph Lundgren’s own Ivan Drago, the superhuman boxer from Soviet Russia. He may be synonymous with his superhuman strength but he also possesses superhuman intellect. After serving in the Swedish Marine Corps, he completed his Master’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney. He graduated from the QS 38th World Ranked School with the highest results in his class. While studying in Sydney, he preoccupied his time by winning Australian karate tournaments and bounced nightclubs. After completing his master’s, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to study at MIT in Boston before dropping out to take up acting. Tell me why we make Chuck Norris and not Dolph Lundgren jokes, again?

Her Cinderella story might have not happened without Australia

The Crown Princess of Norway spent six months in Australia’s schooling system. As a high school exchange student she spent time in Wangaratta, Victoria. In Australia her high school years are referred to as a Post Compulsory education. Don’t think of her as just a privileged youth going abroad. Before her rise to Norwegian Royalty, she lived an average middle class life. She worked through her schooling and played sports. What she described as a youth rebellion eventually led her to meeting the Prince of Norway.

"That's what I love about these Australian students. I get older, they stay the same age."

Matthew McConaughey:
When I found out Matthew McConnaughey studied abroad it didn’t take a genius to realize which country he probably chose. The Malibu resident who can’t seem to keep his shirt on chose the Central Coast, Australia. Living in Warnervale, he completed a year long exchange program. McConaughey went Down Under for the “change in scenery” where he worked 11 jobs while studying. It was here that he found his acting aspirations (and an Australian accent). The Fool’s Gold star attributes his “relaxed sensibilities, sense of humour and passion for stepping outside the comfort zone” to his experience in Australia.



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  1. bavneetmehta

    i want to go for further studies to australia.

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  4. Recent changes brought the best chance for the Bangladeshi students. Thanks.

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