Kangaroo Burgers for Lunch? Five More Stuff You Only Get Studying Down Under

When it comes to places abroad many don’t even consider Australia. The land is isolated and the people talk funny. But advantages come with studying in an isolated landscape with such a distinct culture. Check out some things you can only do by studying in Australia:

Wildlife Sign

Keep your eyes on the road!

1.   Observe the animals you’ve only seen in Zoo Books.
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Not quite, but Australia has some incredibly exotic wildlife. Your most exciting encounter with nature is probably that black bear you once saw cross the road. Environmental Science is particular popular with students Down Under. Here are some of the top ranked schools in Australia according to the 2010 ERA Report for Schools of Environmental Science: Macquarie University, James Cook University, University of Adelaide, and University of Queensland.

2.  Actually pick up a “foreign language”.
Few countries enable you to integrate so quickly for English speakers. This isn’t to say North Americans can’t get lost in translation. Did she just ask if I wanted chips or did she really mean fries? A semester here and you’ll understand fluent Australian! You might pick up an accent of your own!

3.  Benefit (quickly) from medical innovations

In college I went to the hospital for a rather large 2nd degree burn. Were I studying in Australia I might have received their awesome new spray-on skin. Instead I’m looking at a nice scar. Innovations like this aren’t totally uncommon. From the HPV Vaccine to the world’s most powerful radio telescope, Australia is full of pioneering advancements. The 2010 ERA top ranked schools for Medical and Health Science are the Australian National UniversityMonash University, Murdoch University, the University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia.

4.   Double up on the season’s wardrobe.
Here’s your chance to pick up the summer sale at the mall. How cool would it be to double your summer by studying in the fall? Or do you want to escape the incoming heat? Try a mild winter here. You’ll probably never have a chance to surf on Christmas again! View the Pre-Departure Guide for advice on what to pack.

This looks delicious

5.   Have a Kangaroo burger in dining hall
It may sound cliché but kangaroo meat is popular Down Under. Kangatarianism is a term for a diet exclusively of kangaroo meat. Don’t expect to find Koala Burgers on the menu though…

6.  Story topping your friends at home
Face it. It doesn’t have quite the same ring to say you studied exactly where a dozen of your friends have been. The inevitable “Straylia” stories will surely top your friends. Be sure and use the accent too. Study here is all about the stories. Maybe you can blog about yours through our blogging program.

Have your own? Be sure and add some in the comments below!



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2 responses to “Kangaroo Burgers for Lunch? Five More Stuff You Only Get Studying Down Under

  1. Sounds awesome. I wish I’d had the foresight and ambition (and money) to consider studying abroad when I was in school. I’m in China now so maybe I can hop on a plane sometime and check out Australia soon.

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