Wanted: Study Abroad Bloggers

It’s that time of the year again… time for new student bloggers! Do you have what it takes? We want bloggers who are:

– studying in Australia for the Aussie Semester 1 (February – June)

student blogger study abroad Australia

Student blogger Ashley poses by the Opera House in Sydney

– enthusiastic

– dedicated

– creative

– responsible

Think you fit the bill? Click here to submit an application, and show us your best! You can always look at past bloggers’ posts for inspiration — we’ve pulled together our favourites right here. You can also learn more about our student blogging program on our website here. Applications close on 20 February.

Still have a question? Ask us in the comments!



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5 responses to “Wanted: Study Abroad Bloggers

  1. marc

    hii ..
    I’m marcly from indonesia . .
    Now,i’m studying in public health faculty at university of sam ratulangi manado
    And I will enter my second year at my school .. but I want to study abroad to further enhance my knowledge and wanted to share my culture abroad. Maybe you can help me how to get the scholarship or how to go to college there??
    thank you

  2. alejandro suarez

    Hello my name is Alejandro Suarez I’m from Venezuela and I will be studying in Griffith University and I’m starting semester february 27th, I personally believe blogs like this one inspire not only Australian student but any student that wants to study in an Australian University. creativity , awareness, and vision are the main characteristics that describe the high education level that Australian University have clearly show inside Australia and all over the world,

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