New Year’s Resolutions: Make the Best of Study Abroad

Happy New Year! Every first of January brings about a number of well-intentioned resolutions: no more eating junk food, exercising every day, breaking bad habits… If you’re getting ready to spend a semester in Australia, perhaps you should set a few resolutions of your own! Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your studies Down Under:

Sydney University Australia

Students studiously studying in Sydney

1. Study. Yes, it’s kind of obvious, but… this is study abroad, after all! Taking classes in Australia is a great way to learn about your field from a different perspective and maybe even take classes you couldn’t otherwise at your home university. So take advantage of your international studies and don’t forget to actually go to class!

2. Meet Australians. When you’re in a foreign country, it’s easy to stick with what’s comfortable — namely, your fellow compatriots. Why not branch out and mix with the locals? Make the extra effort to connect with Aussies in your classes, dorm, at work, and around campus for that extra-authentic Down Under experience.

3. Volunteer or Work. Take your learning outside of the classroom and get involved in your community! Also a great way to meet Australians (refer to resolution number 2).

4. Blog. Share your semester in Australia with your family and friends back home. This allows you to stay connected and to reflect on all of the wonderful activities you are partaking in. Want to blog for us? Apply to be a Student Blogger before 20 February! Download an application form here.

5. Enjoy yourself. Try new things, meet new people, explore new locales, push your comfort zone, and most importantly — remember to have fun!


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