5 New and Exciting Australian Inventions

Students in a research lab

Which of these students is the next Marty McFly?

Great Scott! Believe it or not, inventors of the world are not limited to living in classic 80s films involving flux capacitors and souped-up DeLoreans (although we must admit that in our eyes, Doc Brown can do no wrong). Did you know that Australia boasts inventors of its own? Here’s a list of the latest projects from some of the best and brightest. We know there aren’t any time machines, but these inventions are still pretty cool: 

1. A phone app that unlocks your hotel room. That’s right, no more looking frantically in purses and pockets for the little card that is probably demagnetized anyway. Your phone is the key!

2. A stress management system. Feeling frazzled? Freak out no more! This new, innovative system will help you maintain your zen by measuring your stress levels and helping you relax.

3. Super-healthy health foods. You probably don’t give a second thought to the health benefits of already-nutritious milk and juice, but what if they were even healthier? Soon, milk and juice packed with probiotics, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals will be a reality.

4. Cancer-fighting medicine for pets. Because protecting our cute, cuddly, and fuzzy companions is a priority, this invention helps sick puppies and kitties fight cancer, pain, and inflammatory diseases.

5. Database Clean-Up System. Curtin University knows that keeping data accurate and unpolluted is crucial to running a business — so why not keep things running smoothly with their brand-spankin’-new Data Quality and Integrity Toolkit?

Want to learn about even more Australian inventions? Click here for more info. If you’ve been hit by a stroke of genius and are keen to cook up your own invention,  click here to browse through a multitude of research projects taking place at Australian universities. Or find a complete list of Australian universities here!



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2 responses to “5 New and Exciting Australian Inventions

  1. Gloria

    It is often not recognised that Australians are among the most inventive people in the world with over a billion people making use of Australian inventions every day as you can see at

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