More Ideas for International Education Week


Those of us who have studied abroad know how endless the opportunities are to learn and grow as not only individuals, but valued members of our generation. International Education Week is a chance to share the benefits of worldwide exchange with others around us! Schools, colleges and universities are a great way to dive into IEW activities to promote international education and attract future study abroad students. Through our experiences we should be involved, share and promote international education and advocate a future more globally aware and educated!

Earlier this week, we posted International Education Week: 10 Things You Can Do. There are so many great ideas here! As the current intern here at the Australian Embassy, here are a few ideas I have done in the past with various organizations to celebrate International Education Week.

1. Ask a local café (in or around campus) if they wouldn’t mind featuring a delicious international dish for one (or all) the days during International Education Week. Examples of Australian delicacies are an “Aussie Burger” (recipes may differ,) Fairy Bread (not too fancy, but could be made to look cafe-worthy,) and Lamingtons! This is a win-win situation. You get to talk about this cool idea you planned for International Education week, and drive more customers to the cafe!


2. You and others in your organization (or really nice friends you have) could hand out carnations or suckers (or anything-think outside the box!) with short phrases attached to them in colorful paper. Try including as many different languages as you can (and the English translation.) Some examples are “Go Global,” “Have a wonderful day,” “Smile,” “Wander the World,” “Explore and Grow,” “Carpe Diem,” and more! You can be as creative as you like with this idea!

3. Utilize online social media! If you have a group Facebook or Twitter page, post interesting articles about different countries, attach blogs by students studying abroad or just ask a thought provoking question like “What would most benefit  you personally by studying abroad in a country that wouldn’t necessarily be your first choice?” It invites readers to think beyond beaches and develop an interest in the educational aspect of study abroad. We use YouTube to showcase our 2011 Future Unlimited Video Contest winner.

4. If you know of a study abroad fair your International Office is holding, ask to be a part of it! Share your experiences from down under with others who are interested in studying abroad, not only in Australia, but anywhere. Students want to hear from other students! Your photos, videos, stories and pure excitement and passion could be just the nudge they need to look at a map and discover their next destination for growth and learning!

 Students attending an education fair in Armenia

For more information on International Education Week, promotional materials, photos and videos check out their website!

Flag display at Ormond middle school in Centerville, Virginia


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