International Education Week: Ten Things You Can Do

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK LOGOAnother weekend gone, another Monday morning. Don’t make such a long face — this isn’t a week like others. Why? Because it’s International Education Week, of course!

Founded in 2000 by the United States Department of State and United States Department of Education, International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate educational travel and the exchange of ideas all over the world. Neat, huh? The International Education Week website even has some quizzes so you can test how worldly you really are — care to give them a try? Click here… and let us know how you do in the comments!

You may be asking yourself: what kind of fun Australia-related things can you do for International Education Week? Here are a few ideas:

1. Connect with Australians and other international students on your campus. Ask your university’s international office if they’re putting anything on for International Education Week — and meet students from all over the world!

Aboriginal dancing Australia study abroad

Student ambassador Sabina learns some traditional Aboriginal dances

2. Contact a student ambassador and have a real conversation with a real live student about REAL student life in Australia. Doesn’t get more authentically international than that.

3. Want a peek at what studying in Australia could do for you? Check out the winning videos of this year’s Student Video Contest here and learn about all sorts of opportunities…

4. Follow President Obama’s visit to Australia (happening this week!) in the news. Are you interested in politics? Consider applying for a parliamentary internship in Canberra. You can find more details here.

5. Learn about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and expose yourself to a new culture and new perspectives! Watch these animated stories and immerse yourself in some of the oldest traditions in the world.

6. Join your local Australian Football League team. Nothing says “Australia” better than a game of footy! Click here to find a team near you.

7. Expand your cultural horizons and listen to some Australian music! Forget Britney and Gaga… why don’t you check out Little Red, the Temper Trap, or Xavier Rudd instead?

8. Go see a movie. An Australian movie, that is! Happy Feet Two (directed by Australian George Miller) is releasing in American theatres on November 18. Added bonus: penguins are cute.

9. Find an Australian association in your area. This list of organisations can keep you connected to Australia while you’re in North America.

10. Lastly, keep up with Aussie education news on our Facebook and Twitter!


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