Study in Australia: Student Stories

As you may know, this blog provides information for students who want to study in Australia. Whatever you want to know — from what to bring Down Under to how much living in Australia will cost and everything in between — we can tell you. However, although the Embassy of Australia Education Team is friendly, knowledgeable, and has first-hand experience studying in Australia (University of Queensland study abroad alum right here!), there’s nothing quite like hearing stories from students who are exploring Australia right now.

If you want to hear real live stories from real live students about what student life in Australia entails, look no further! We’ve got it all here:

1. Ask a Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador Program Embassy of Australia

2011-12 Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors have recently returned from their studies Down Under and are here to answer your questions about what it’s like to study, live, and explore in Australia. Curious about a specific uni, program, or field of study? You can read their bios to see who’s best to answer all of your questions — and then email them and ask away!

2. Read Student Blogs

Our student bloggers share their semester in Australia with you as they’re living it — can’t get more authentic than that! Marissa gives prospective students insight on what it’s like being the only American in class: “It’s interesting to be the foreigner in class for a change. I’m often called on in class to talk about issues or practices in the States. Being on the other side of things and hearing different opinions makes me realize different beliefs and thoughts I have about the way we do things back home.” You can read the rest of the post as well as Marissa’s helpful tips on how to have a great semester at Aussie uni right here. Or check out Venita’s post about her class’s real-life application here… or Lilach’s post to learn what an HD is (Hungry Dingo? Or perhaps Mick’s little-known brother, Harold Dundee? Click here to find out).

And of course, catch up with the rest of the student bloggers here.

3. Watch Student Videos

What’s better than reading about study abroad in Australia? Why, watching videos of course! These student videos explore what it’s like to live and learn in Australia — and most importantly, how Australia provides them with a Future Unlimited. Click here for the full playlist.


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