No Time? No Problem! Short Term Study Abroad in Australia

Studying abroad in Australia for a semester is a fantastic experience — you can learn new things, immerse yourself in the Aussie culture, explore your surroundings, and maybe even find direction and focus for your future.  Unfortunately, not all students can fit a semester Down Under into their academic careers. But don’t let a busy schedule crush your dreams of Aussie studies and daily Tim Tam consumption — you can still study in Australia for a short course!

There are a number of short-term programs available if you want to study abroad in Australia but can’t commit to a full semester. Short-term study abroad in Australia allows you to delve into hands-on subjects during summer or winter breaks, so you’re not missing a semester at your home university. There are tons of short-term study abroad programs available in Australia — check out a few below:

Australia Study Abroad Outback Class Field Trip

Students get a hands-on approach in this Australian program

Want to discover the Outback through photography? Click here to learn more about this La Trobe University program.

Curious about sustainability in Australia? Read more about this Australearn program here — and while you’re at it, look into their other short-term courses.

Ever thought about what it would be like to experience first-hand Australia’s rich Aboriginal heritage? Or maybe you’d rather explore Australia’s spectacular marine wildlife? In either case, Murdoch University offers short programs in both, which you can read about here (Aboriginal studies) and here (marine biology).

Perhaps you are more interested in work experience! Internships are available during the North American summer break so you can sharpen up your resume without missing a semester. Check out a list of internship providers on our website here.

When looking for a short-term study abroad program, you should also check out what your university has to offer. Professors sometimes take students on study tours during breaks for academic credit.

Hungry for more? Browse through the list of short-term study abroad programs in Australia on our website here.


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