Do you know your Aussie slang?

G’Day Mate! Everyone is familiar with this popular Australian phrase from the movie Crocodile Dundee. You’ve also probably heard ‘throw some shrimps on the barbie’, which should actually be ‘throw some prawns on the barbie’ but we’ll let that one go. If you are planning on heading Down Under, there are a few other phrases you might hear:

  • Fair dinkum – real, honest
  • Barracking – cheer (for a team)
  • Furphy/furfie – rumour, tall tale
  • Gander – have a look
  • Heaps – a lot, plenty
  • Lollies – sweets, candies
  • Off-sider – helper or assistant
  • Prezzy – present, gift
  • Roo – kangaroo
  • Sanger – sandwich
  • Sunnies – sunglasses
  • Thongs – flip flops, sandals
  • Take Away – takeout food
  • Veggo – vegetarian
  • Wobbly – excitable behaviour e.g. chucking a wobbly (having a fit)

Want to see these words in practice? Watch this video on Aussie slang.



So these phrases may help you during your first few days in Oz, but what about lingo you’ll need on campus? Do you know your course from your class? Your tutes from your supps? Your college from your halls? Read on for the essential education terms.

  • Academics – faculty members; academics may also be lecturers
  • College – student residence or an academic unit (e.g. The College of Art and Design); never refers to university; can also refer to vocational colleges that offer diplomas and certificates not degrees.
  • Course – a program of study e.g. Bachelor of Science course
  • Faculty – academic division within the university e.g. Faculty of Arts; does not refer to people
  • Halls of residence – student housing or dorms
  • Mark – grade
  • O Week – orientation week that occurs at the beginning of the semester; there may be a separate orientation for international students
  • School – K-12 education; school never refers to a university; can also refer to an academic division e.g. School of Medicine
  • Subject – similar to classes; also called units
  • Supps or supplementary exams – make-up exams
  • Tutes or tutorials – small discussion groups usually led by an academic or tutor
  • Vice-chancellor – president or principal of the university

Want to know more? Click here to download the Australian Pre-Departure Guide with more Aussie slang.



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