4 Tips on How to Write a Great Study Abroad Blog

Today’s blog post is from our new intern, Angelina! Angelina studied abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast during Semester 2 2010 and has a few tips to share about keeping a blog while you study in Australia.

Speaking from first-hand experience, writing a blog sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Whilst taking a stroll down memory lane, I ventured back into my old blog (you can have a look here if you’d like) and re-read some of my entries I created while I was studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Let’s just say I was less than impressed with myself!
So, effect of my recent epiphany I thought, “why not write a blog about how to write a good blog?!” Here are a few pointers that may be helpful in not boring the snot out of your followers!

  1. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short & Simple!)You may feel the urge to go into excessive detail to share EVERYTHING you are experiencing. But, from the reader’s perspective, long posts that go on and on can get exhausting and uninteresting. Try limiting content to main topic points and follow that with one or two comments. For example, if you spent the day at the Steve Irwin Zoo with a bunch of Uni friends, mention that, and your favourite animal/exhibit/part of the day! That way you are being informative as well as expressing yourself without creating too much to read!

    sydney opera house study abroad blog australia

    Add pictures like this to your blog to add variety and raise interest!

  2. Add visuals! Adding pictures and videos to your blog really helps get your ideas across and are fun for your readers too! One or two visuals to go along with your post, something interesting/new you discovered (steering wheel on the opposite side of the car), food you made (fairy bread), popular place you went (Sydney Opera House) or even new friends you made (say cheese!) is a cool way to keep your followers updated on your Aussie adventures!
  3. Don’t overshare. While abroad, odds are is that you will be experiencing new and exciting things every day! However, when it comes to your blog, it may be best to limit your posts to once or a couple times a week. You don’t want to blog yourself out! Allow yourself to enjoy your Uni and new friends and write a blog post on your down time, perhaps before you catch some Z’s at the end of the night to reflect on what a wonderful week you had!
  4. Diversify your blog topics. It may be a lot easier (and more interesting to you) to blog about how delicious Tim Tams are, your messy flatmate or the best pubs to go to for cheap drinks, but it is also a good idea to include other kinds of information that could be useful and educational to others. For example, what you are learning in your Uni tutes and lectures, what is going on politically, how the culture/social norms differ or broken stereotypes Aussies/Americans may have had. You will be surprised about how much you learn by just observing and listening in your new surroundings!

Thanks, Angelina, for sharing these useful tips! Remember that you can always browse through our own Student Bloggers’ adventures to get a sense of what it’s REALLY like to study in Australia! You can click on the links under “Student Bloggers” on the right-hand side of this page or visit our website here to learn more.


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  1. Need to add one tip: Blog on a network of other students. Many students create blogger and tumblr accounts but no one can find their pages unless they know them. If you want to make a blog that more people than your mom will read, check out Students Gone Global. Launching in January, it’s going to be just for the study abroad community and will allow you to connect with other students studyng abroad while sharing your experiences with people back home. Check it out: http://www.facebook.com/studentsgoneglobal

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