Study in Australia and Build Your Resume

So you studied in Australia. Awesome. It’s possible that you met new people from all over the world, took hands-on classes in interesting subjects, traveled to exciting locales, made life-long friends, and generally had the time of your life. You might even have had the chance to pet a kangaroo or cuddle a koala. All of the aforementioned things are great, except that they leave out one important aspect of studying abroad: how it impacts your future.

What does studying in Australia mean for your future? How will it help you excel academically? How will it assist you in getting your dream job? Luckily for you, your friendly Embassy of Australia Education Team is here to give you a few pointers.

Studying in Australia Develops Your Skills

After a semester (or more) in Australia, these are the skills you are likely to have gained:

  • adaptability and flexibility
  • independence
  • self-motivation and initiative
  • cultural sensitivity and open-mindedness
  • good listening and communication skills
  • ability to see things from another perspective
  • willingness to take on a challenge or try something new
  • ability to learn through experience
  • …many, many more

Think about it. When in Australia, did you have to navigate a new city or an unfamiliar place? Did you have to think fast on your feet when travel plans unexpectedly went awry? Did Australian slang ever cause confusion or a misunderstanding you had to clarify? Did you learn how to see North America through others’ eyes? All of these experiences can help you develop skills (like the ones listed above) that are desirable to an employer. So next time you reminisce fondly about when you had to decipher what it meant to “get on with your books,” try to think of how the situation might be applicable to an office setting.

study abroad resume skills

This student looks ready to interview!

Tell Employers Your Story

The HR manager at your dream job probably doesn’t want to hear all about how you drove through the Outback with your best mates and didn’t shower for a week straight and got a flat tire and got lost five times and slept under the stars and man, was it ever an adventure. However, what she might want to know is that you excel at teamwork (it’s tough negotiating travel plans with five different people), or that you are a problem solver (how did you ever manage to fix a flat tire in the middle of nowhere?).  Interviewers often ask situational questions; draw from your study abroad experience and the skill set it provided you — but remember to keep it polished and relevant.

Tell Us Your Story

Whatever the case, your Australian study abroad experience is your own. Consequently, only you can know how studying in Australia spefically influences your future. And we’d love to hear what a semester Down Under has inspired you to achieve — whether it be an academic goal, a chosen career path, or a personal dream you’d like to fulfill. We want to hear your story. Enter our 2011 video contest and tell us! Who knows, you could even win a round trip for two to Australia (courtesy of V Australia). Click here for more details.


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