Australian University Rankings

How do Australian universities rank against other institutions around the world? Why, I’m glad you asked. Last week, the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University were published. Four out of the 39 (that’s more than 10 per cent!) of Australian institutions placed in the top 100 spots: the University of Melbourne at #60, the Australian National  University at #70, the University of Queensland at #86 and the University of Sydney at #96. In addition to these four, fourteen other Australian universities placed in the top 500 universities WORLD-WIDE! The rankings compared more than 1000 universities globally based on their quality of education, quality of faculty and research output; only the top 500 institutions received a published ranking. When you consider that there are about 5000 universities and colleges in the United States alone, that’s pretty impressive.

If you don’t believe the rankings…. believe the students who have studied Down Under! Watch what Nicole has to say about her Australian study experience:

Still not convinced? Let Emma show you around her Aussie semester:

You can view additional student videos on our YouTube channel here. Want to make a video of your own? Submit it to our video contest before 18 October and you could win a trip to Australia. How’s that for a top-ranked opportunity?


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