Looking for fresh faces to represent the embassy!

The Embassy of Australia education team is happy to announce that we are seeking semester 2 bloggers and student ambassadors!  What does this mean?  Allow us to clarify:


After the success of the relaunch of our semester 1 blogging program, we are looking for students studying abroad in Australia for semester 2.

We want fun, creative, responsible and motivated students to blog about the academic, cultural and social aspects of living and studying in Australia.  If interested, visit our blog page on our website here and download an application.

Find out more about our bloggers by reading this blog post!


2010-11 Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are US and Canadian students who recently studied abroad in Australia who will promote study in Australia through campus events, peer advising and online social networking. 

This year, we are also seeking 10 Australian students currently studying in the US or Canada. By participating in the program,  students gain skills like public speaking, organisation and leadership – all attributes sought by employers and graduate schools. The Student Ambassador Program runs from August 2011  to May 2012 and student ambassadors will be provided with event management training, a small budget to cover event expenses, materials and fun giveaways.

Visit here to find out more and how to get nominated! 

See current student ambassadors here.


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