A world without koala kuddles

With great sadness, we are writing you that The Koala Research Network (KRN) revealed a devastating fate for our tree-hugging friends.  Habitat loss, disease, urbanisation, dog attacks and climatic extremes, the future of the koala is a question mark.

KRN is a group of over 60 researchers that work with koalas studying biology, ecology, health and disease and conservation.

Some of the statistics gathered:

  • 51% decrease in under three years in population and a 64% decrease in 10 years since monitoring first began
  • Populations in Mulga Lands have seen declines from 50-60,000 in 1996, to 10-12,000 in 2009 due to drought
  • As human population increases, koala populations decrease
  • A koala retro-virus make koalas more susceptible to cancer and prevalence of this virus have gone from 0% in 2004 to 15% in 2006 and up to 36% in 2009

The koala may become listed under The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act shortly, however, the key to saving the koala is education.  For more information visit the KRN website at www.gpem.uq.edu.au/krn.


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