Student Ambassador Program

Chad Johnson, studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is a 2010-11 Student Ambassador

Each year, the Embassy of Australia hosts a program for students who have studied in Australia.  This is called the Student Ambassador Program.  Sounds spiffy, doesn’t it?

US and Canadian students, who studied abroad in Australia, work to promote study in Australia on their North American Campus in which they execute the following:

  • Host or participate in campus events as a representative of Study in Australia
  • Work at student trade shows and study abroad fairs as they occur in the area
  • Act as a peer advisor to students who have questions about studying in Australia
  • Be involved in social media and online working like Facebook, Twitter or the use of a blog

Rebecca Goldberg, studied at the University of New South Wales, Student Ambassador 2010-11

By participating in the program, students gain skills like public speaking, organisation and leadership – all attributes sought by employers and graduate schools.

To get involved, students need to obtain a nomination from their Australian university study abroad advisor and their North American university study abroad advisor.

Successful students will come to Washington D.C. to the Embassy of Australia to receive further training.

The deadline is 10 June 2011.

Visit here for more information and to download the nomination form:

Check out our current Student Ambassadors:



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