Hungry? Grab some Aussie grub!

Chances are that the first thing you think about in regard to Australia involves furry little animals and the ocean.  But what about the food?  What is Australia known for from a cuisine prospective? 

If you have found yourself Down Under, or about to go study Down Under, you will want to immerse yourself in the culture, so find out what foods will enhance your Australian experience.  You don’t have to like it (Vegemite? Can’t do it) but you must try it!

Since approximately a quarter of the Aussie population are born overseas, the food is international too.  Here are some of the infamous food options awaiting your palate!

Meat pies – you can get them as take-away or cook them at home, and they are AWESOME.  Vegetarians, there are delicious options for you too.


Tim Tams – a cookie that has changed the life of everyone who has tasted their wonderful, chocolatey goodness.




Milo – Not Nesquik, but similar.  Paired with Tim Tams, and you have a sugary, delicious treat.





Vegemite – Eat it with a little butter on toast, but don’t put too much on, it’s salty, and for most non-Aussies, not so lovely.





ANZAC Biscuits – Named for the Australian New Zealand Army Corps.  Yummy and commemorative.




Lamb – Especially in meat pies.





Prawns – Known in the USA as shrimp, but you can find them everywhere!




Fish and Chips – With so many cities on the water, fresh fish and chips is everywhere and rivals the English versions.




Bangers and Mash – Translation?  Sausages and mashed potatoes.  A harmonious combination.




Kangaroo – In steak or burger form, it is similar taste, texture to venison.  Does it make you sad to eat a kangaroo?  Get over it and try it out!




Crocodile – Not so common, but you can eat it, so why not?  The croc would eat you…

Grab a fork, spoon or knife, and dig in!



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