Blogger spotlight!

Lauren Williams

Lauren is studying at the International College of Management in Sydney.  A Business Administration Major from Millsaps College in Mississippi, she is diving in to a completely different educational and cultural experience.

Here is a blurb from her blog:


“This blog is just for the Australians who are so confused by the fact that Americans do not use real ‘jelly’ to make PB & J sandwiches.  Since some American shows and movies are popular here in Australia, they have heard about Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since childhood.  Here is the catch though: here, jelly is jam and jam is jelly and jelly is the stuff that is jiggly and served for dessert sometimes!  Make sense?  Basically, they eat Peanut Butter and jam sandwiches.

“So, many of them have asked if I eat PB and J’s, and since I do not like (American) jelly, I tell them no.  And the response is hilarious they say that it is great because Peanut Butter and Jelly sound disgusting together!  The jelly that they visualize is similar to jello, so I do agree that is would be a not-so-delicious sandwich. 

“Australians form a lot of ideas about America from the movies, and it is hard to tell when different words refer to different things in the two countries!  But it is so funny to see the reaction when they realize that we are actually eating the same sandwich. . .it probably makes Australians think that we are not as weird.”


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