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Accommodation for Aussie universities

Student housing at Melbourne University

In North America, when we go off to school, it’s pretty much the status quo that we spend our freshmen, or first year, cuddled up close in a tiny dorm room with a stranger.  In Australia, the residence halls, for better or for worse, aren’t as abundant.

There are several answers to why this is so different.  Many students live at home and go to a nearby university while they pursue their course.  Housing is just not as abundant on many university  campuses, and many times, although reserved for international students and rural Aussies, its first come first serve and many students do not find on-campus housing.  In general, Australia is experiencing a housing shortage, and the limited student housing fills up quickly–as does the off-campus housing.

So, what can you do to ensure you have housing?  Moving overseas is difficult, especially if you want to view a residence or meet a roommate prior.  However, many universities offer accommodation services that will place you or direct you in the correct way.

Here are some options, though, to consider if you don’t have everything in place before your arrival.

  • Consider temporary housing.  This can be a hostel, lodge or hotel, even the couch of a long-distant relative.  Some universities offer short stays at “colleges” which are equivalent to student housing.  This offers an alternative, and maybe affordable option, till you find a proper home.
  • If housing is full on-campus, many universities have waiting-lists.  Get your name on one, and see if something opens up.
  • Universities have boards full of posts for apartments, shared accommodation, etc.  Check them frequently to see if something fits the bill.
  • If you’re lucky enough, and find some on-campus housing, note differences between catered and self-catered options.  Catered offers meals and cleaning services, and self-catered means you take care of all of that on your own.

Familiarize yourself with your area, your university and your needs and finding a home for your semester abroad or degree abroad won’t be such a challenge.  Be proactive and prepared, and you will find your perfect place in the wonderful land of Oz.


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Hungry? Grab some Aussie grub!

Chances are that the first thing you think about in regard to Australia involves furry little animals and the ocean.  But what about the food?  What is Australia known for from a cuisine prospective? 

If you have found yourself Down Under, or about to go study Down Under, you will want to immerse yourself in the culture, so find out what foods will enhance your Australian experience.  You don’t have to like it (Vegemite? Can’t do it) but you must try it!

Since approximately a quarter of the Aussie population are born overseas, the food is international too.  Here are some of the infamous food options awaiting your palate!

Meat pies – you can get them as take-away or cook them at home, and they are AWESOME.  Vegetarians, there are delicious options for you too.


Tim Tams – a cookie that has changed the life of everyone who has tasted their wonderful, chocolatey goodness.




Milo – Not Nesquik, but similar.  Paired with Tim Tams, and you have a sugary, delicious treat.





Vegemite – Eat it with a little butter on toast, but don’t put too much on, it’s salty, and for most non-Aussies, not so lovely.





ANZAC Biscuits – Named for the Australian New Zealand Army Corps.  Yummy and commemorative.




Lamb – Especially in meat pies.





Prawns – Known in the USA as shrimp, but you can find them everywhere!




Fish and Chips – With so many cities on the water, fresh fish and chips is everywhere and rivals the English versions.




Bangers and Mash – Translation?  Sausages and mashed potatoes.  A harmonious combination.




Kangaroo – In steak or burger form, it is similar taste, texture to venison.  Does it make you sad to eat a kangaroo?  Get over it and try it out!




Crocodile – Not so common, but you can eat it, so why not?  The croc would eat you…

Grab a fork, spoon or knife, and dig in!


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Blogger spotlight!

Lauren Williams

Lauren is studying at the International College of Management in Sydney.  A Business Administration Major from Millsaps College in Mississippi, she is diving in to a completely different educational and cultural experience.

Here is a blurb from her blog:


“This blog is just for the Australians who are so confused by the fact that Americans do not use real ‘jelly’ to make PB & J sandwiches.  Since some American shows and movies are popular here in Australia, they have heard about Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since childhood.  Here is the catch though: here, jelly is jam and jam is jelly and jelly is the stuff that is jiggly and served for dessert sometimes!  Make sense?  Basically, they eat Peanut Butter and jam sandwiches.

“So, many of them have asked if I eat PB and J’s, and since I do not like (American) jelly, I tell them no.  And the response is hilarious they say that it is great because Peanut Butter and Jelly sound disgusting together!  The jelly that they visualize is similar to jello, so I do agree that is would be a not-so-delicious sandwich. 

“Australians form a lot of ideas about America from the movies, and it is hard to tell when different words refer to different things in the two countries!  But it is so funny to see the reaction when they realize that we are actually eating the same sandwich. . .it probably makes Australians think that we are not as weird.”

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Introducing…Study in Australia bloggers!

We are pleased to present our bloggers.  We will feature a spotlight on each student blogger, but for now, take a look at our incredible crew!

Alli Schultz

Study Abroad University: University of Adelaide

Home University: American University

Course of Study: International Studies/Environmental Studies


A junior at American University studying International Studies & Environmental Studies, Alli is also a Resident Assistant, lifeguard, sailor, environmentalist and baker.   In her unique blog themed after The Wizard of Oz, Alli will take you through her adventures she experiences as she walks her own road through Australia. 

 Athina Sodder

Study Abroad University: University of Melbourne

Home University: University of British Columbia

Course of Study: Accounting


In her third year at the University of British Columbia, Athina is pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce in accounting.  As she undertakes her course at the University of Melbourne, she will grow as a student and a person and you can watch her transformation through her own blog. 

 Brittany Hayward

Study Abroad University: Victoria University

Home University: University of Windsor

Course of Study: Visual Arts and Communication Studies


Venturing from the University of Windsor to Victoria University in Melbourne may be a half a world away, but Brittany embraces the opportunity with enthusiasm as she looks forward to the study, travel, exploration and cosmopolitan opportunities ahead of her.

Caroline York

Study Abroad University: University of the Sunshine Coast

Home University: Elon University

Course of Study: Exercise Science and Minor of International Studies/Psychology


A junior at Elon, Caroline studies Exercise Science with minors in International Studies and Psychology.  She’s a Fellow and an Odyssey Scholar who loves playing racquetball and is tour guide for her university.  She will be studying abroad for five months in which she will encounter many exciting experiences while earning credits to her degree.

 Isaac Freeman

Study Abroad University: University of Queensland

Home University: Tufts University

Course of Study: Quantitative Economics


Isaac wasted no time going all out upon entry into Australia.  Coming from Tufts University to the University of Queensland, Isaac isn’t afraid of a little adventure.  He’s skydived, visited New Zealand and is starting his classes.  His hope is that living in Brisbane as a student will show him what life in Australia is really about–but a couple of crazy escapades are certainly in order.

Jessica Yu

Study Abroad University: Deakin University

Home University: McMaster University Hamilton

Course of Study: Kinesiology


Embarking on her studies at Deakin University amidst the sports-oriented environment of Melbourne, Jessica will take away a fresh perspective on her course of study in kinesiology. She will also volunteer in an Australian physiotherapy clinic.  Jessica has lots of potential for growth and learning as she further pursues studies in Australia.

 Kimberly Osborne

Study Abroad University: University of Newcastle

Home University: University of South Carolina

Course of Study: Public Relations


Kim leaves the east coast of America for the east coast of Australia where she intends to make the most of her time in Australia.  In preparation, Kim became scuba certified so that she can dive the Great Barrier Reef.  With a great attitude and desire to take all she can from this experience, Kim will surely learn as much as she can at the University of Newcastle and in living in Down Under. 

 Lauren Soubolsky

Study Abroad University: Griffith University

Home University: University of Victoria

Course of Study: Biology


Lauren’s blog, aptly named “Sunburn Down Under”, follows her journey as she encounters Australia as she never experienced when she was a tourist a few years ago.  Now she will immerse herself in Australian culture as she studies and explores the land Down Under.

 Lauren Williams

Study Abroad University: International College of Management, Sydney

Home University: Millsaps College

Course of Study: Business Administration


Lauren isn’t afraid to try new things, embracing the culture and trying Aussie staples like Vegemite–which may take some getting used to.  Preparing for her classes at the International College of Management, Sydney, Lauren will be offered a unique perspective on the business world while studying in Australia. 

Lisa Eilers

Study Abroad University: University of Canberra

Home University: Vancouver Island University

Course of Study: Criminology


Studying criminology, Lisa ventured to Australia so that she could compare and contrast the Canadian legal system to that of the Australian legal system. It’s the perfect opportunity as she studies at the University of Canberra, located in the capital of Australia.  

Meghan McMillan

Study Abroad University: Murdoch University

Home University: Gustavus Adolphus College

Course of Study: Communications Studies and Management


With aspirations to work in the field of admissions, Meghan wants to gain an understanding for cultures other than her own. Pursuing her studies in intercultural communication, going abroad to Australia will enhance her degree as she encounters not only Australians, but a vast group of other cultures too. 

Monica Milowski

Study Abroad University: University of New South Wales

Home University: University of British Columbia

Course of Study: Psychology


Monica uses her blog to show her positive outlook on life–with a smile.  With a great attitude and a love of travel, Monica slides easy into University of New South Wales and into the beautiful city of Sydney. 

Sabina Hlavaty

Study Abroad University: James Cook University

Home University: Princeton University

Course of Study: Biology


Sabina is a pre-veterinary student from Princeton University studying biology and photography at James Cook University this semester.  She enjoys traveling, photography, reading and hanging out with friends, and no doubt she will continue to do these things Down Under and like never before. 

Shane Stevens

Study Abroad University: University of South Australia

Home University: Ryerson University

Course of Study: Marketing


Shane is trading in the cold Canadian winter for a hot summer at the University of South Australia in Adelaide where he will continue to pursue his Marketing degree.  Perhaps a bit sad to leave behind family and friends, he still thrives in his new environment.  

Stephanie Mae Dixon

Study Abroad University: University of Canberra

Home University: University of Tennessee

Course of Study: Journalism/Photography


Stephanie selected the University of Canberra because she is a Journalism major very interested in politics, so there was no other better location than the capital for her to study! Follow her journey through Canberra and beyond as she lives her semester abroad. 

 Venita Colton

Study Abroad University: University of Tasmania

Home University: Thompson Rivers University

Course of Study: Chemistry


Venita is a Thompson Rivers University student who has made her way to Australia—and off the mainland at the University of Tasmania! Chart her trip as she has a unique abroad journey in Hobart and beyond.


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Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week (CMW) has kicked off!

CMW brings together sound recording, new media and broadcast for a spectacular week of events.  Study in Australia will be a sponsor at this festival. Visit us there and find out about studying in Australia while enjoying some great entertainment!  We are sponsoring an Aussie BBQ on 12 March from 12pm – 5pm held at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto.

Take a look at the Australian bands that will be featured at CMW:

•Adrian Wilson & Beside Lights
•Alanna Cherote
•Birds of Tokyo
•Blue King Brown
•Drawn From Bees
•Eli Wolfe
•Hungry Kids of HungaryJack Carty
•Kim Churchill
•Rocket Surgery
•Stone Parade
•The Jezabels
•The On Fires
•The Resignators

Visit our website to download free music!

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Introducing…our new student bloggers!

We did it!  Miraculously, we narrowed it down to 16 North American bloggers who are studying in Australia.  Phew!  The amount of applicants we received shocked us and even we did not anticipate such a robust group!

Check out our Student Blogger Blogroll to the right of our page and read about their adventures down under.  And stay tuned as we write a little about each person in our upcoming posts and slowly incorporate them onto our webpage!

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