Living in Australia: Breaking Down the Cost

You’re ready, your bags are packed, visas approved, tickets purchased, goodbyes said.  So you prepare to start your new life in Australia…but did you remember one thing?  Budgeting for an awesome time in which you also get to eat?

Not counting your tuition, flights and visa, there are still many other items to take into account.  For example, eating and a shelter.  It seems obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in the adventure of studying abroad and focusing on the big items like tuition and plane tickets and neglect some other important factors.

For sure you need to plan for rent, groceries, entertainment, text books, going out, phone services and bills.  Under entertainment it’s important to realize that Australia isn’t cheaper, necessarily, so the cost of a movie or dining out and even skydiving are steep.  To make the most of your journey, to enjoy a stress-free abroad experience, ensure your budget is in order.  You can more than likely work in the land of Oz, but give yourself some monetary space to feel free!

Here are some costs to consider: 

Living Costs While Studying in Australia:
Item Monthly Cost
Accommodation AUD$500-AUD$1,000
Food AUD$300-AUD$500
Transportation AUD$60-AUD$100
Entertainment AUD$300-AUD$400
Textbooks AUD$50-AUD$100 per book
Telephone AUD$20-AUD$100

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