What do I bring to Australia?

So, you’ve decided to study in Australia and now you have to pack your life away in a suitcase or two.  What do you take?  What do you leave behind?  Let’s try and sum it up here.


  • Food products or plant products – the ecosystem of Australia is very sensitive, so it’s important not to introduce foreign species, even Ramen Noodles
  • Electronics – unless you are 100% sure that your electronics are dual voltage, DO NOT bring because they will break
  • Surfboard – just rent one there
  • 100 shoes – be selective and practical
  • Animals or pets – leave Fido behind and little Goldie the fish


  • Socks, underwear, swimsuit, clothes for a variety of weather circumstances
  • Travel journal – document your time there
  • Laptop – if you have one, this electronic is one you should bring, it makes life much easier
  • Tickets, passport, visa printout, medications, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Camera – too many photo opts not to be missed
  • Travel book – uncover all the secrets down under
  • Dependable sneakers and some nice going out shoes
  • An open mind

That’s a small list of the basics, but remember, it may cost you more, but you can always buy things if it’s absolutely necessary.  So take care when packing, mind the weight of your luggage, and get ready for the adventure of your life!



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