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The quest for student bloggers continues!

Today we tabulated how many student bloggers have applied, and the interest has been shocking!  We knew we’d receive a lot of applications, but our inbox is overflowing and it’s fantastic!  However, this makes selecting our bloggers very difficult.

Our team is compiling all the blogs and seeking a diverse group to represent Study in Australia.  Unfortunately, it means that will lose some amazing blogs as to satisfy a more vast territory.  We need students from all parts of Canada and the US, and students studying in all parts of Australia.

It’s been wonderful getting to know each student through their blogs and seeing how their experience abroad is changing their life everyday.

It won’t be long till we have our bloggers!


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Packing for the weather

Already addressed in this blog is what to pack to bring to Australia, but getting down to the details, what clothes to bring?

Saying that Australia hosts a diverse climate is an understatement.  A fairly dry continent, yes.  But it can rain–a lot.

And for those from the Northern Hemisphere, it’s important to note that during our winter it’s their summer and doing our autumn it’s their spring.  Are you dizzy yet?

So, if you are spending a week, a semester or a year, figure out what you need.

Depending on where you come from will depend on the climate you are used to.  In D.C. we experience all the seasons.  Going to Australia, generally it doesn’t get quite as cold in their winters as it does ours.  similarly, as hot as it can get here in the summers (and humid) it’s our experience it can get ridiculously hot in Australia–everywhere.

For Australian winter, bring a jacket, but you more than likely won’t need a bubble, ski-esque, fur-lined coat.  Remember too, the more north in Australia, the warmer it is, so consider your location. 

Bring a swimsuit!  Even if you are afraid of the creatures that dwell in the waters of Australia, you don’t want to be left out of the fun.  Hang out at the beach with some flip-flops, a floppy hat and sunscreen.

Jeans are always a good item to tote along, as they are versatile and practical.  T-shirts and tank tops are important items to bring as well as a few sweaters (or jumpers as they are called) to cover all your basics.  In general, Aussie items can run a bit higher in cost, so make sure you have the bare minimum.  So with that said, don’t forget your socks and underwear!

Bring some fun going-out clothes and maybe 2 or 3 nicer outfits in case of an event or if you visit extra classy institution.

Australia is laid-back.  Melbourne is considered the fashion capital of Australia, and Sydney people dress fairly upscale too.  Mostly, everyone dresses to their liking and for comfort.  Because in an Aussie summer, you will sweat.

Bring some flip-flops, sneakers, nice shoes and only your favourite extras.  Remember you have a suitcase that can only weigh so much!  You need space for all your souvenirs too!  Your family would be most devastated if you came home without a stuffed koala or kangaroo in tow.

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The quest for bloggers

Here at the Embassy of Australia in the Australia Trade Commission Office for Education, we are promoting the idea to study in Australia.  Whether for a semester or for a masters, we are here to help and demonstrate what a great opportunity it is.

In our task to assist students on this path, we are seeking student bloggers currently in Australia to talk about their time there.  Since making the announcement we were looking for student bloggers, we received numerous applications and the decision to choose a few is exceedingly difficult.

However, reading sample blogs and learning about students in Australia is so much fun!  Although we won’t take everyone, we encourage people to blog as so many people will find these adventures entertaining, interesting and enticing.

We can’t wait to announce our new bloggers and attach them to our own blog, but in the meantime, as we receive many applicants, we are happy to read about so many different people and their very different experiences and look forward to following all of them in the future.

It won’t be long now before we will have it narrowed down!  Stay tuned to our blog!

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Australian slang

There are certainly stereotypes of Aussies, not helped by films like “Crocodile Dundee” or perhaps a certain episode of “The Simpsons.”  However, it is true that some of those catchphrases we associate so well with Australia have some truth to them.  So here are some phrases we translated that can help you down under:

  • Flat out – Busy
  • Bloke – A man
  • Mate – A friend
  • How ya goin? – How are you? How are you doing?
  • Fortnight – Two week period
  • Snag- Sausages cooked at a BBQ
  • G’day – Hello, Good day
  • Chook – Chicken
  • To be crook – To be sick, ill
  • BYO – Bring your own alcohol
  • I reckon – I think
  • No worries – It’s not a problem, don’t worry
  • Shout – To buy someone a drink and take a turn to pay

There are many, many more.  But truly, never heard is “the dingo ate your baby.”  Don’t even try it.

For more info on slang and colloquialisms, visit this link

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Living in Australia: Breaking Down the Cost

You’re ready, your bags are packed, visas approved, tickets purchased, goodbyes said.  So you prepare to start your new life in Australia…but did you remember one thing?  Budgeting for an awesome time in which you also get to eat?

Not counting your tuition, flights and visa, there are still many other items to take into account.  For example, eating and a shelter.  It seems obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in the adventure of studying abroad and focusing on the big items like tuition and plane tickets and neglect some other important factors.

For sure you need to plan for rent, groceries, entertainment, text books, going out, phone services and bills.  Under entertainment it’s important to realize that Australia isn’t cheaper, necessarily, so the cost of a movie or dining out and even skydiving are steep.  To make the most of your journey, to enjoy a stress-free abroad experience, ensure your budget is in order.  You can more than likely work in the land of Oz, but give yourself some monetary space to feel free!

Here are some costs to consider: 

Living Costs While Studying in Australia:
Item Monthly Cost
Accommodation AUD$500-AUD$1,000
Food AUD$300-AUD$500
Transportation AUD$60-AUD$100
Entertainment AUD$300-AUD$400
Textbooks AUD$50-AUD$100 per book
Telephone AUD$20-AUD$100

 For more information visit us at

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Which uni do I choose?

As if it isn’t hard enough deciding on a course and a university in your own homeland, imagine taking it across the vast ocean!  But yet, you may want to.  Perhaps it’s for adventure or perhaps because you understand the value of a good Australian higher education, but no matter your reason, it’s difficult to narrow the field of universities and courses to follow. 

So Study in Australia makes it easier, we offer a course search.  Click here to begin your search for an institution and a course to follow.  Whether for you undergraduate or your graduate, you have so many options from so many fabulous institutions!

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What do I bring to Australia?

So, you’ve decided to study in Australia and now you have to pack your life away in a suitcase or two.  What do you take?  What do you leave behind?  Let’s try and sum it up here.


  • Food products or plant products – the ecosystem of Australia is very sensitive, so it’s important not to introduce foreign species, even Ramen Noodles
  • Electronics – unless you are 100% sure that your electronics are dual voltage, DO NOT bring because they will break
  • Surfboard – just rent one there
  • 100 shoes – be selective and practical
  • Animals or pets – leave Fido behind and little Goldie the fish


  • Socks, underwear, swimsuit, clothes for a variety of weather circumstances
  • Travel journal – document your time there
  • Laptop – if you have one, this electronic is one you should bring, it makes life much easier
  • Tickets, passport, visa printout, medications, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Camera – too many photo opts not to be missed
  • Travel book – uncover all the secrets down under
  • Dependable sneakers and some nice going out shoes
  • An open mind

That’s a small list of the basics, but remember, it may cost you more, but you can always buy things if it’s absolutely necessary.  So take care when packing, mind the weight of your luggage, and get ready for the adventure of your life!


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